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Friday, September 11, 2009

Weight Lifting For Baseball

By Robert Grazian

A well planned program of weight lifting is an important part of a health and fitness regime for any sportsman. It will improve stamina by building muscle strength as well as specifically targeting the muscles needed for the individual sport concerned. You will find that a program of weight lifting for baseball players will ensure that they achieve peak fitness at the time when they need it. This will help their general strength and also their co-ordination.

You will find that the dedicated and professional players will use weight lifting for baseball long before the season begins. They will have four different programmes which have been designed for body conditioning and stamina levels during the course of the year. In January and February they will be following a regime of exercises which will build strength and stamina in a general way. This will involve a range of weight lifting which includes the whole body. It will not necessarily build bulk or specific muscles but will be laying down a foundation of strength. Weights will be fairly low and repetitions high. This will ensure a lower risk of injury during the arduous season ahead.

Immediately prior to the start of the season, March and April, will see an increase in both repetitions and weights. Players will start to work on specific muscle groups depending upon their disciplines and specialist areas. They will be working towards reaching their peak fitness and strength levels. Now will be the time that their foundation work in January and February will be proving its worth. Their stamina levels should be high and they should be ready for trials and the forthcoming season. At this point, if they have been following a program of weight lifting for baseball in particular, they should be physically and mentally capable of playing through the season in whichever position they play, whether it be pitcher or field.

During the course of the season itself, the players will continue with a training programme as well as playing competitively. The will need to keep their stamina levels high and this can be achieved through a program of weight lifting for baseball players as individuals. Their coach will know the players well enough to be able to give them detailed training plans which will be geared towards their specific needs. It is during the season that the players will be most at risk of picking up an injury and therefore it is important to continue with training.

Once the season is over, the players will be able to relax a little. This is no time for complacency, however, and at this point some weight lifting for baseball players will ensure an easy return to fitness in January when the whole cycle starts once again. A regular and well devised weight training plan is extremely important for players who want to guarantee the level of fitness, stamina and co-ordination necessary to compete in the world of baseball.

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