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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four Tips to Improve Youth Baseball Performance

Four Tips to Improve Youth Baseball Performance
By guest author: Jake Wyatt

Here are two tips to improve batting performance and two tips to improve pitching performance.

BATTING TIP NUMBER ONE: Learn how to judge the pitch.

When kids are just learning how to play baseball, they are taught to swing at all pitches. With a pitching machine or an unskilled pitcher this can work. As pitchers get better, they will stop throwing strikes when they know the hitter is going to be swinging at every pitch. That's when batters need to begin to watch pitchers and learn how to judge pitches. Pitchers try to psyche out hitters, be a hitter that psyches out the pitcher.

BATTING TIP NUMBER TWO: Watch and evaluate your performance.

When you are not able to work with a professional trainer, have someone videotape your batting practice. You can look at your performance in slow motion to evaluate what you did right (when you hit the ball well) and what you did wrong (when you missed).

PITCHING TIP NUMBER ONE: Watch Major League Pitchers.

When watching major league baseball games, play close attention to the form of the pitchers as they wind up and throw. Especially note the movement of their arms, legs and body. If you have a DVR, record games and watch top pitchers over and over and in slow motion. Slowly practice their movements in front of the TV and a mirror until these movements become second nature to you.

PITCHING TIP NUMBER TWO: Train all year long, not just during baseball season.

Being a good pitcher requires work all year. During the teenage years, a boy's body is growing and changing very quickly. Training all year will help you adapt to your body as height and arm length change. When a formerly good pitcher goes through a growth spurt, he may have to relearn pitching with his longer limbs. Also, training all year will help keep the core strong, which is vitally important for good pitching.

In order to be the best baseball player you can be, training should happen year-round and be a joint effort between the coach, the player and the parents. Get more free tips to improve baseball performance, reviews of e-products related to baseball, and links to training resources at
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Friday, March 4, 2011

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