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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baseball Strength development - Top Hand Hitting Drills

Good morning. Baseball Isolation batting drills are baseball hitting drills that work one specific part of the baseball player's body. The "Top-Hand" baseball batting drill builds top hand skills and accuracy.

Top-Hand Baseball Batting Drill

The top hand on the grip is the hand that takes the bat to the ball. It is important to develop strength and skill with this hand. To do this we do a one-handed isolation drill. The batter uses just the top hand. Gripping the bat at the top of the grip and using the bat like a tomahawk, the batter tries to get over the top of the ball and hit it into the ground. The batter has a coach or player soft toss the ball above the waist. The batter hits the ball from the top and drives it straight into the ground.
The Derek Jeter Target Baseball Trainer and the Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Trainer are two great trainers to use when performing this drill.
Suggested - 25 Swings - 3 Times a week.

Have a great day, Nick

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baseball practice is sometimes useless or even harmful

Hello. I hope that you had a super weekend.

I knew that that headline would get your attention. I came across this article that discusses the merits of baseball practice. Click here to read the article for Jone T. Reed.

I know the value of baseball practice. Of course for every coach that knows how to plan, organize and run a productive practice, there are 4 coaches that go out there without a "clue". Do your baseball homework and you will become one of the productive coaches!

Good Luck till Next Time, Nick.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 Things a Batter Must Remember

Every Batter Must Remember:

1. "Think YES, YES, YES, On Every Pitch." Prepare yourself to hit every pitch. Convert to no or "hold off" only when you see that the pitch is a ball.
2. Track the ball from the pitchers hand to the cather's mitt.
3. Expect the fastball, adjust to off speed pitchers. Expect the ball away, adjust to the ball on the inner half.
4. With a runner in a "steal situation" get depth in the box.
5. Move up in the box when the bunt might be on.
6. Never look back at the umpire after a "called" strike.
7. Never speak or exchange words with the catcher.
8. Know the speed and tendencies of the pitcher. They will determine whether you are up or back in the box.
9. Be ready to attack a first pitch fastball. It may be the best pitch that you get.
10. If the color is "green" attack the first pitch that you like. If the color is "red", do not swing until the pitcher throws a strike. "Red" is called when baserunners are needed badly or when the pitcher has walked two of the last three batters.

Good Luck til next time, Nick.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - The Ultimate Backyard Baseball Trainer

The BatAction Hitting Machine is widely known and respected for producing incredible bat speed, hitting skill, and batter confidence.
The Bat Action Trainer offers high speed ball movement workouts that challenge batters of all ages and ability levels.

Three great benefits of the BatAction Baseball Training Machine:
  • The ball returns at a speed suitable for the hitter using it. The more power put into the swing, the faster the ball's speed will be when it returns to the batter.
  • The "horizontal" ball rod design of the BatAction Machine allows the ball to react like a real baseball when it is hit. Thus, the batter receives instant feedback to whether a groundball, flyball or line-drie was hit. This feedback facilitates and excellerates proper swing mastery.
  • There are no balls to chase, pick-up, or gather. Therefore no nets or containment is needed. All you need is a safe amount of adequate space for the machine to be set up. The BatAction Machine can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Good Luck til Next Time, Nick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baseball Training Aid For Building a Great Baseball Swing

I know that you are looking for baseball training aids and tips to improve your swing. Make sure that you check out the Hands Back Hitter, a baseball training aid that is gaining wide popularity as a device for teaching the perfect basball swing. Many coaches are using this great baseball training tool to teach young players correct baseball batting mechanics.
The absolutley best hitting tool we ever bought for our 3 sons All 3 of them are hitting 600 or better in little leaque!
I have two HBH and have had good results using them with kids on my team. The HBH does force the user to keep the hands back which most young kids never do.
"Coach S" has this trainer on its baseball training aid page.

Have a great day. Cya, Nick

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008 - A special night for all baseball fans!

59th MLB All-Star Game - A special night for all baseball fans!

It was appropriate that the 59th MLB All-Star game be played in Yankee Stadium. A special place being retired after 85 glory filled years! It made the night a truly special night for all baseball fans! Visit MLB's Official 2008 All-Star Game Webpage.

Seeing such a great collection of Major League Allstars on the field for the National Anthem will always be a memory that I will cherish.I am proud to have the priviledge to coach such a great game.

It was great to Yogi Berra, one of my all time favorites Hall of Famers. The clips of him leaping high into the arms of Don Larson in the 1956 World Series were a special touch to the telecast. For more on the 1956 World Series visit the Baseball Almanac.

I can't talk about Yogi without including three of his famous quotes that I consider to be "classic":
  • "You can observe a lot just by watching."
  • "I always thought that record would stand until it was broken."
  • "Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical."

For More MLB Quotes - Baseball Amanac

As I type this chill bumps are appearing all over my body. "God Bless America" is being sang to a quiet Yankee Stadium in a tribute to the greatest country on earth! God has blessed us! America's is our Home Sweet Home! Makes you proud to be an American and a baseball fan!

Amazing Facts: Yogi Berra originally sined for $500 and $90 dollars a month. Yankee Stadium cost 2.5 mil to build. Now 41 MLB players make more annually than it cost to build that stadium.

Thank you Major League Baseball for a great 2008 AllStar Game. You again proved why Baseball is Truly America's Game!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My first official post..

I am creating this baseball blog to help players do their baseball homework.

Homework in baseball is as important as homwork in school. The players that dominate the game of baseball are the players that are truly committed to doing their homework with daily workouts and training.

Baseball homework includes many areas of the game. Future baseball prospects must work constantly to improve their baseball skill, baseball fitness, and baseball strength. Baseball players and coaches must also do their homework to increase their knowledge of the game.

I will include coaching and training tips, know-how, and knowledge. I hope that you will find my post useful. Have a great day, Nick