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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Train Yourself To Become A Complete Hitter

By Sumit Bhatnagar and Parul Aggarwal

Do you wish to become a complete hitter? Well, then, you will have to train yourself well.

A ‘complete hitter’ means the one who can hit the ball to all the parts of the field. After becoming a complete hitter, you are capable of using the whole field. This is vital because if you are a complete hitter, the pitcher cannot pitch you in one particular way.

That is, the pitcher has to work really hard in order to keep you off the bases. The additional advantage of being a complete hitter is that the defense can not shade you to one particular area in the field.

Also, you should try and learn to hit the ball to the opposite field. This is the most important aspect in a hitter’s hitting career.

Following are the tips and guidelines that will help you to hit the ball to the opposite field:

• It is essential to get a pitch that is outside a part of the plate.

• Bear in mind that you should hit the ball deeper in the contact zone.

• The barrel of the bat should be always kept above your hands.

• Always, make sure that you stay inside the ball.

To conclude, to be a complete hitter or a ‘master hitter’, it is essential to develop the ability to hit the ball to the opposite field.

Never pull the ball or hit the ball way out in front. The best way to handle the ball on the outside part of the plate is to wait for the ball to get deeper into the zone.

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