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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Increase Bat Speed Using Simple Training Techniques

By Alan Bryan

Are you looking to increase bat speed? Any serious baseball or softball player understands that bat speed is the key to driving the ball harder and farther. It is not how hard your swing, it is how quick you swing. Over the years there have been many gadgets and gimmicks produced that are supposed to increase bat speed. Most of them are simply over priced tools that can actually do more harm than good to your swing.

Unfortunately, technology of today has made it extremely easy for baseball and softball players to get a false since of accomplishment when they use the latest $500 aluminum bat to crush a ball 400+ feet. However, what is really happening is technology is replacing bat speed. When these players get to higher levels of competition, and especially competition that mandates wood bat use, suddenly they don't have that pop in their bat anymore.

Some of the best training techniques to increase bat speed are actually quite simple. Understanding the mechanics of a sound swing will lead you to the areas of your body to train and strengthen to increase your bat speed. Mistakenly, some people feel muscle mass and upper body strength are the key. In reality, building too much mass in your upper body will only cause your bat speed to slow down. That is why it is important to focus on your lower core and lower arm areas when looking to increase bat speed. Strengthening your mid section, legs, and wrists will help you in increasing your bat speed.

There are some great training manuals on how to increase bat speed available today. Visit for information, tips, drills, and more on ways to increase bat speed today.

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