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Friday, November 12, 2010

Baseball Hitting Practice Is Fun

Baseball Hitting Practice Is Fun
By guest author: Jeffery A Wise

During my 14 years of baseball, my favorite part of practice was the baseball hitting. For some reason, all my coaches followed the same order for practice: stretching, warming up, fielding drills, running drills, game situation and ending with hitting practice. Because my favorite part of practice was last, it built up anticipation to get me through the other things I didn't care for as much. Here's what I loved so much about hitting practice. You rush up to the plate, take a few deep breaths and the hitting pitcher starts throwing you some balls. Even though it's not a game, the adrenaline is still pumping. You want to get the best hits you can. But here's a question to consider. Should you just start hacking at everything thrown or should you be selective and only hit the good pitches? I think the latter is the better option. You should treat practice like it's a game. If only five out of 50 pitches are good, then you should only hit five pitches. Since this is your own personal time to work on hitting with a live pitcher, here are some tips you should consider.

Bunt the first two balls. One down the third base line and one down the first base line - Really focus on good form. Don't get lazy!
Look for pitches to drive into the outfield.
Hit five balls to left field, five to center field and five to right field - Spreading it out will help you during games especially when you need to hit the ball to a certain part of the field to move a runner over.
Know the strike zone. If the ball is way too high, low, outside or inside, don't swing. Don't swing at bad pitches! It won't do you any good.
Remain confident and be ready to attack each pitch. Let your coaches know that you take batting practice seriously.

You will be a better hitter and more prepared for games if you follow these baseball hitting practice tips. Have fun but take it seriously. Work hard and be open to learning new ways to be the best you can be.

Jeffery A Wise invites you to learn more about baseball hitting practice so that you can hit a baseball better. Start learning today at our baseball hitting blog and by reading our information and watching our videos.

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