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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hitting Mechanics Tip - Work More - Think Less

Hitting Mechanics Tip - Work More - Think Less
By Guest Author Nate Barnett

I texted a senior in high school who I work with on hitting mechanics, "How's the swing doing"? After a couple minutes his reply was, "I'm hitting.509 on the year... leading the state in doubles with 10... and 20 RBI's. Pretty good. In my response I asked him how he was able to stay so consistent this season. (His power numbers were inconsistent last season.) His answer was, "I don't know. Just hit everyday and work to the right side." I told him that was an awesome answer because in this case, "I don't know" is exactly where you want to be mid-season! Here's why.

If you are thinking about your hitting mechanics and what is making your body work, you cannot think about how your swing feels at the same time. In baseball, you play multiple games during the week and it's probable that your swing begins to change without you knowing it changed IF there isn't focus placed on repetition and feeling of your swing.

So when I asked him how he was able to keep consistent, his answer let me know that he wasn't spending too much time on how the movements should be (hitting mechanics) instead his focus was on how his swing felt (muscle memory). This is why he didn't really know since he was just hitting daily and working on seeing the ball deep into the strike zone. The key for him will be to remain consistent throughout the remainder of the season.


Nate Barnett is co-owner of The Pitching Academy. You can find The Pitching Academy's articles, blog, and videos on baseball hitting mechanics, pitching mechanics, pitching grips, and more when you visit the website.

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