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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Hit Better in Baseball Immediately

How to Hit Better in Baseball Immediately
By Gueast Author Jeffery A Wise

Every baseball player serious about the sport desires to become the best hitter they can be. Even major leaguers always seek to improve their hitting. You should also want to learn how to hit better in baseball.

Players, parents and coaches should all be interested in learning the secrets to hitting better. Parents can encourage their children and give pointers. Coaches have a huge impact on teacher their players the hitting skills they need. If the following skills are practiced regularly, players' hitting abilities are sure to improve.

The basics include hitting mechanics, confidence and the right timing. Let's touch on hitting mechanics first. If we don't go over the mechanics of baseball hitting then we are doing a disservice to ourselves. Remember, even professionals work on basic mechanics every day. They get to the ballpark early to practice hitting and fielding. Those basic mechanics are:

-Stand shoulder width in the batter's box for maximum balance and bend slightly at the knees and waist while holding your bat in a vertical position six to eight inches away from your chest.
-Wait for the ball and keep your shoulder and hips closed until it's time to swing.
-Always have your head pointed towards the pitcher and keep your eyes on the ball at all times.
-Try to have a smooth and consistent swing no matter where the ball is pitched.
-Make sure you follow through with your swing

Confidence is most important while hitting. Remain in control, be selective and hit your pitch. Don't swing at the first pitch for a while to get the feel of the pitcher. If your at-bat goes all wrong, don't let it get you down. Even if you have no hits in three at-bats, the next at-bat might be the one to win the game or sustain a rally for your team. Stay calm and in the game.

When referring to right timing, it's not about the timing of your swing. Instead, it's the reality that sometimes the hits fall for you and sometimes they don't. You can have all your mechanics and confidence down to a science, but sometimes you hit it right at a fielder or you hit the ball foul by one-half inch. That's part of the game everyone goes through. If it wasn't, then everybody would hit.750 or better.

To learn how to hit better in baseball, begin working on these tips immediately and regularly. Never give up. Be sure of yourself and always be ready to attack the ball. These tips will help you be the best baseball hitter you can be.

Jeffery A Wise invites you to learn the proven system of how to hit a baseball so that you can learn how to hit a baseball better. Start learning today by reading our information, watching our videos and participating in our blog.

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