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Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing Up a Baseball Player

By Ara Rubyan

As all baseball players and fans know, the sport they love is on its way to becoming a truly global sport like football, golf or cricket. This increase in recognition for the sport brings with it the requirement for skillful baseball players who can draw even more crowds to the stadiums. But how can budding baseball players cultivate their talent enough to play in the big leagues?

As with any other sport, starting early is a key factor. To ensure that they gain a competitive advantage, players should ideally start training while in middle school. An early start to training and a regular program of exercise seasons their playing and gives them the benefit of additional practice over about two years. This also allows them to increase their strength gradually and polish their swings and pitching over time.

Growth by association with better players is also an excellent way to develop natural talent. Sometimes just listening and watching can help young baseball players pick up tips on what to do and what to avoid. Good baseball players, no matter how old they are and how much experience they have, always have room to learn something new -- and they use this to constantly improve their game.

Getting a good coach early on helps as well, by preventing the formation of bad habits, and ensuring that good ones are built in from the beginning. It's more difficult for baseball players who have formed a habit over years of play to correct it, than it is for them to change if it's been caught early.

Despite the fact that a coach can have a wide range of talents, one who is a great pitcher, may not necessarily be the best hitter. Because of that, baseball players will benefit from an open mind and the advice of more than one coach. It may be that one coach's style may suit the player in one area and not in another. The combination of their natural instincts and talent with advice from coaches and their observations of other players is what makes great baseball players successful.

The energy and time commitment that the sport requires of a baseball player is rarely easy on his family, and their support is paramount. It's not always easy to meet the demands of the game, but the success is definitely worth it.

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