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Monday, March 9, 2009

Batting and Base Running for Young Players

This drill works well with younger players, 8 to 12 year-olds especially.


Two coaches, Coach A at the plate and Coach B in the 3rd base coaches box.


Hit-a-Way hitting stick
Two gloves or other suitable objects to place on the baseline.
A bat for each player.
A least 3 batting helmets
Standard bases.
Place a glove or other object such as an orange cone centered between 1st and 2nd base and 4 feet back from the line running directly between the two bags.

Place a glove or other object such as an orange cone centered between 2nd and 3rd base and 4 feet back from the line running directly between the two bags.

Line each player up along the fence by the 3rd base dugout. Each player should have his or her bat. Bats should remain with the head on the ground and the players should act like they are leaning on a cane. (This is to keep them from swinging the bats and possibly hurting someone.)

First player in line goes to the plate and takes a stance.

Coach A takes the hitting stick and stands on the opposite side of the plate as the batter and holds the hitting stick out over the plate.

The batter takes 3 to 5 cuts at the stick; Coach A watches the stance, swing, etc., instructing the batter to improve their technique. On one of the swings, Coach A moves the hitting stick completely around and steps forward, out of the way of a right-handed batter heading to 1st. This motion signifies a “hit.”

The batter takes the bat and carries it for 2 steps toward 1st and then drops it in foul territory.

Batter continues around the bases at a full run, working hard to stay inside the gloves or cones between the bases.

Coach B watches the runner round each bag and come into 3rd either in a slide (if the player has sliding shorts on) or standing up. Coach B then can debrief the runner at 3rd.

After the batter has taken off for 1st, Coach A brings the next player to the plate and begins working on that player’s swing.

Repeat this for each player at least once, more if time allows.

Techniques being taught:

Hitting fundamentals
Maintaining control of the bat after a hit to avoid “throwing” the bat.
Running on the inside line around the bases.
Sliding technique or how to hold up at a base.

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