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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baseball Training: The Mauer Quick Swing Trainer is a great training tool for improving bat speed.

Quick Swing Baseball Training Aid by Joe Mauer uses a unique delayed automated gravity-drop design to help baseball batters develop greater baseball bat speed, hitting hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and batting muscle memory. The Joe Mauer Quick Swing makes a great hitting station for improving hitting mechanics and perfecting the perfect baseball swing.

The Quick Swing is adjustable to different heights, can be folded for easy storage and transport, includes an instructional video with Paul Molitor and Joe Mauer and a proven 12 step hitting process guaranteed to help improve your batting average.

=Improve your hitting mechanics
=Endorsed by all-time MLB baseball great and future Hall of Famer Paul Molitor
=Endorsed by Joe Mauer, the number one pick in MLB'S 2001 draft
=Allows a player to take batting practice alone
=Enables a player to improve on the fundamentals of sound hitting
=Improve bat speed, hand-eye coordination, and proper weight distribution
=Train indoors or outdoors
=Increase or decrease the level of difficulty
=Develop a quicker more compact swing
=Improve your baseball hitting technique.
=Improve reflexes, muscle memory and timing
=Replaces both batting tee and soft toss baseball hitting practice
=Allows you to use real baseballs, softballs or plastic balls
=Made of industrial-grade steel tubing and injected-molded plastic
=Can be positioned to drop the ball within any part of the strike zone
=Adjustable to different heights
=Can be folded for easy storage and transport
=Includes an instructional video with Paul Molitor and Joe Mauer
=Proven 12 step hitting process included.

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