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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Youth Baseball - Five Tips to Help You Make The School Team

Youth Baseball - Five Tips to Help You Make The School Team
By guest author: Jake Wyatt

If you play Little League baseball, you probably know that everyone is accepted to Little League. If you are a serious baseball player, you will most likely want to try out for the school baseball team at some point. You should know that very few Little Leaguers will actually make a school team.

If this is important to you, here are five tips from high school coaches to help you succeed:

1. Keep your grades up. All school teams have minimum grade requirements. You could be the best baseball player in the state, but if you don't have good grades you won't make the team. Pay attention to your studies first, baseball second.

2. Know the game. Study the rule book for your school's district. Be a student of baseball and know the game's history. Know facts about major league players and teams.

3. Persistence is more important than talent. Hang out around the locker rooms. Get to know the players and the coaches at your school. Attend their games and cheer them on. Volunteer to help at the games. Make yourself known. And you must do all this WHILE practicing and improving your own skills.

4. You must practice every day of the year. Hitting practices, tossing practices, working out. Do something every day, even in the dead of winter. Even on Christmas! And keep track of it in a daily diary along with notes about your personal observations so you can see the progress you are making.

5. Always have a positive attitude. Cheer your teammates on. Listen to the coaches. Don't argue. Look enthusiastic all the time. Hustle. A player that has a great attitude will make a team over a better player with a bad attitude.

Making the school baseball team is hard, no matter how long you have played baseball. Following these five tips will dramatically increase your chances of making the team.

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