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Friday, September 2, 2011

How To Use Baseball Defensive Hands Drills has defensive trainers at discount prices.

How To Use Baseball Defensive Hands Drills
By Guest Author Jim Bain

The game of baseball is known as "a game of inches," resulting from so many close plays which determine out or safe, fair or foul. Few people realize that many of these close plays are the results of hundreds of hours of practice and drills on the part of the defense.

There are of course many things required to have a good defensive infield, and two of them are "soft" and "quick" hands. This combination of feel and speed allow for quick ball transfer, glove to throwing grip and quick release, ball thrown to target.

Here are two drills which will enhance softer and quicker hands for an infielder.

The quick hands drill; the intent of the drill is to have the players throw the ball around the horn as fast as possible to develop quick reactions necessary to complete double plays, be sure the players realize this.

If possible divide your players into two teams and have them compete against one another. Nothing brings out the 110% effort from each player better than competition. Have each fielder assume his position, including the catcher.

You, as the coach along with your stop watch, position yourself behind the pitcher mound where you have clear sight of all players. Begin the exercise with the catcher throwing to first, first to second and so on. On the second round begin timing the rounds.

Be sure to stress the two thumbs method of catching the ball. The two thumbs method means catching the ball with the glove while holding your throwing hand slightly behind and to the side of the glove as if your thumbs are crossing.

This method allows for a two handed catch if the throw is off line and allows a fast transfer from the glove to the throwing grip because your bare hand is adjacent to your glove. No need to waste time bringing your throwing hand up or over to the glove.

As this drill continues, yell for the player to throw to a different base or home. This will force them to turn their hips and set in order to throw hard, which is imperative for turning quick double plays.


Return to practice, drill on actually turning double plays from all bases and situations. Be sure to incorporate the quick throw drill they just completed by verbally pushing and encouraging them.

This is an excellent drill for increasing the speed and accuracy of your infielders in turning a double play.

Soft Hands The soft hand tool is an inexpensive training aid which can greatly increase fielding skills.

To perform this drill you'll need a Soft Hand Tool or Glove and balls, either baseballs, tennis balls or rubber balls.

The huge benefit of this drill is with the usage of the Soft Hand Tool the player has the illusion he is using a glove, but must catch the ball as if fielding bare handed.

Stand 20' away from the fielder and throw him ground balls, which he'll field with the soft hand tool. In order to catch and maintain possession of the ball the player will, for lack of better verbiage, caress the ball.

This method of fielding supports the development of soft hands while fielding the ball. In addition to ground balls throw balls which hop once before reaching the player.

Jim Bain - Former Minor league baseball player, who since retiring has dedicated his life to teaching baseball to youth. Visit his exciting info packed website:

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