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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hit a Baseball With Power and Crush More Home Runs

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Article Title: Hit a Baseball With Power and Crush More Home Runs
By Rob Bucher

Imagine having the power at the plate to launch prodigious home runs the largest parks in your league can't contain.

If you're a player, coach or parent and are ready to discover the secrets to hit a baseball with power. Stay glued to every word in this article.

It's all possible you know...

...You can pad your power stats and become a complete power hitter, even if you've never hit a dinger before.

Let me explain by revealing the three keys to hitting all batters can use to maximize their power at the plate.

Loading up - In order to effectively add more power at the plate you need to build up kinetic energy. The only way to build it up is by separating the lower half from the top half. As you begin your stride, you should turn your front shoulder in about one or two inches and push your hands back into a good hitting position.
Hips lead the hands - Your swing begins by turning the hips towards the pitcher and pulling the top half of your body into the hitting zone. Most coaches teach players to take the hands to ball first, this is a power draining motion. The hips must fire first and then pull the upper body and hands into the hitting zone.
Contact position - Maximize the kinetic energy in the body by making contact with the baseball at a ninety degree angle. The barrel of the bat must be on the same plane of the pitch at contact. When contact is made you want to have a the correct ball and bat angle to release the energy your body has built up from a proper load.
How to hit a baseball with power happens when you incorporate all three of these mechanics into your swing.

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Because your current mechanics are zapping your power at the plate.

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