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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It is Not Too Late to Develop Your Baseball Arm Strength!

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By Mike Lynch

One of the most overlooked attributes is a person's baseball arm strength. Now believe it or not, this isn't just relevant to pitchers, but just about all position players. How many times have you watched your favorite big league team play and they lose the game because someone didn't have the gusto on their throw to get someone out? It happens quite a bit.

Think about that for a moment. Every person on baseball field has many opportunities to field the ball. Anytime there is an opportunity to field the ball, there is also an opportunity showcase their how strong of an arm they have. Let us go through some of the examples of why having baseball arm strength is important:

1. Pitcher - This is a given
2. Catcher - Throwing runners out stealing
3. First Base - This is probably the least relevant to the discussion, but still important. what about turning a 3/6/3 double play?
4. Second Base - Quick throws to first on a swinging bunt
5. Third Base - Long pegs from the rim of the outfield
6. Shortstop - Bouncing ball that leaves little time to throw a runner out
7. Left Field - Runner on third that is trying to tag and score on a fly ball
8. Center Field - Runner trying to score on a single up the middle
9. Right Field - Runner trying to advance to second a long single down the line

Now these are just simple examples from each position that demonstrate the importance of having good baseball arm strength. The issue here is that this is often overlooked when you are a young, developing player. Most players focus on speed and power while neglecting the ever-important baseball arm strength.

The good thing here is that you CAN develop the baseball arm strength needed to be a good ball player. It really is in the matter of training properly. Yes, there are people that have a natural baseball arm strength, but they too need to continue to develop it.

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