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Friday, November 13, 2009

3 Hitting Drills For Baseball to Build Correct Swing Mechanics

By Rob Bucher

You've probably heard practice makes perfect, but if you're not using proper mechanics in your practice drills then you could build swing flaws into your swing.

Perfect practice makes for perfect baseball swing mechanics.

It's critically important when teaching players to hit that you break down the swing into tiny chunks. This allows the player and coach to identify the flaws in the swing.

I want to share three hitting drills for baseball to help you break down the swing and build better swing mechanics.

With both soft toss and tee work you should have the player swing to contact and stop. This will ingrain the proper contact position and allow them to feel the correct positioning of the body. Have your player take their normal swing but stop them at contact.. Some props you can use are old punching bags or a used tire.
Swift sticks and small whiffle balls can aid in in eye hand coordination. Stand slightly ahead of the player and to the side and toss the balls slowly overhand. Notice I didn't say underhand. Baseball players never see a live pitch underhand and your practice should always mimic live game action.
During batting practice have your pitcher stand at various distances from the hitter to simulate different speeds. Stand closer to give the action of a fast pitcher and stand further away for a slow pitcher. This allows the hitter to work on timing different pitch speeds.

These are a few tips to help you practice hitting and become more adept as a hitter and a coach.

It's important to pin point the flaws in the mechanics before maximizing repetitions. It bad swing mechanics are formed it will be harder to correct later on as the player develops.

Learn the proper mechanics of hitting?

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Because better mechanics lead to improved average.

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