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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Will Joe Mauer Return?

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When Will Joe Mauer Return?
By Guest Author: Jacob Stipsky

Joe Mauer, the stud on the Minnesota Twins is approaching his comeback after his recent heel injury that has left him sitting out on the bench.

Before the Twins played the Orioles on Thursday the 6th of May, Mauer got out for some batting practice. He still didn't feel ready to run on his bruised foot, but did mention he's feeling a lot better. One week without Joe Mauer is one week too long!

Mauer will be using new shoes that have custom orthotics. These custom shoes should help him with his pain until he's 100% better.

The manager of the Twins Ron Gardenhire does not want to rush Mauer back into the lineup. That would be a mistake as it's a very long season. A heel injury is quite easy to re-injure, so I like Gardenshire's slow approach.

Gardenshire plans on waiting until Joe Mauer tells them he's completely ready to go. Since he's not been active over the last week, he'll need a day or two of running around before he gets out there to play.
After six long games of sitting out, he's still uncertain when he'll be at 100% and ready to run around.

Mauer's had a positive attitude and knows he's only getting better. He's the type of guy that has a hard time sitting out and is itching to get back out there - he wants to play ball.

Unfortunately for the Twins, J.J. Hardy has been out for a few games as well. With the Twins sitting in first place at 19-10, they're only going to get better with a healthy roster!

This author is a huge baseball fan and enjoys writing about anything related to baseball. He spends much of his free time writing reviews on baseball products as well. His most recent review covers the Jugs Instant Screen, a baseball hitting screen.

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