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Monday, July 13, 2009

A Innovative Baseball Batting Tee - A New Way of Training Off the Tee and Improve Your Hitting 100%

By Keith Hodges

Do you play baseball and would you like to improve your swing and hitting mechanics so that you can compete at any level of baseball or softball? There is a new way of training baseball and softball players by visually train their eyes to see a baseball coming toward them at 80-95 mile per hour. This training technique allow baseball and softball players to totally concentrate on the ball while at the same time hitting a ball off a batting tee. This technique can be done in-door or out-door day or night and starting as early as 2 years of age continuing to t-ball, high school, college and up to the professional baseball level. By using this training technique you will also eliminate having to set-up or pick-up ball after hitting them off the batting tee.

As the ball move back and forward in and out over the plate strike zone it forces the player eyes to concentrate on the movement of the ball entering the hitting-zone. As the ball enter the hitting-zone the batter recognize the best pitch he or she would like to hit then reacts to the pitch by swing with the bat to make contact with the ball. By using this vision training technique you will train your eyes to see and recognize balls and strikes crossing the plate while at the same time improving swing and baseball hitting mechanics needed to play the game of baseball and softball at the highest level possible.

By using this technique along with the different movements and angles of the ball crossing the plat strike-zone the players will also develop and improve the following:

Plate Patients
Plate Balance
Hand / Eye Coordination
Recognize Balls In Or Out Of The Strike Zone
Eye Tracking
Ball Tracking
Reaction Time To Pitches Entering The Strike Zone

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