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Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 Things a Batter Must Remember

Every Batter Must Remember:

1. "Think YES, YES, YES, On Every Pitch." Prepare yourself to hit every pitch. Convert to no or "hold off" only when you see that the pitch is a ball.
2. Track the ball from the pitchers hand to the cather's mitt.
3. Expect the fastball, adjust to off speed pitchers. Expect the ball away, adjust to the ball on the inner half.
4. With a runner in a "steal situation" get depth in the box.
5. Move up in the box when the bunt might be on.
6. Never look back at the umpire after a "called" strike.
7. Never speak or exchange words with the catcher.
8. Know the speed and tendencies of the pitcher. They will determine whether you are up or back in the box.
9. Be ready to attack a first pitch fastball. It may be the best pitch that you get.
10. If the color is "green" attack the first pitch that you like. If the color is "red", do not swing until the pitcher throws a strike. "Red" is called when baserunners are needed badly or when the pitcher has walked two of the last three batters.

Good Luck til next time, Nick.

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